Thursday, 11 September 2014

Stories & Stuff

Well here goes - welcome to my ‘Stories & Stuff’ blog. Currently I am juggling two adult fiction books, four children's books, a collection of ink paintings and a small portfolio of photo-art prints. I need to focus, I really do, but they are all calling to me with their own special charms: ‘write me’, ‘paint me’, ‘I need illustrating’ and ‘we need framing’.

So I have put my pens, paints and camera down and turned my laptop on. Blog, that's the answer I think. I believe that there are stories in everything, behind everything and just out of sight of most things. Stories in things we see and read; in the people we meet or walk past; in pictures, in books, in shops and in fields. Stories aren't just written in a book, they are words spoken, music played and things hidden... Funny, sad, poignant or just plain bonkers, I want to read, see and listen to them all.

Stories and Stuff is a blog about making new stories, addressing old ones, raising slightly odd questions, gathering others’ opinions and seeking your thoughts and inspiration. Speak up (I want to know what you think), speak freely (I can take it!) and we can write, read, draw and make up or uncover a whole load more stories.

So take a look around and check out my different pages. Stories and stuff will be posted on a regular basis and I will wait, finger nails chew-ready, for your comments...

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