Thursday, 25 June 2015

Baby Business: Week 23, mmmmmmMUM

Mother’s Day baby sick on shirt. Tick
Mother’s Day rattle attack. Tick
Mother’s Day splashing at bath time. Tick
Loving Mother’s Day. Absolutely!

I woke this morning to my first ever Mother’s Day as a mother. And my little girl greeted me with the biggest smile and (this is the clever bit) she had sent me cards and flowers. So advanced!
Whilst enjoying a lovely lazy day with my little girl I did wonder what ‘mother’s day’ was all about... a Clinton Cards’ invention, or something more meaningful? For those who are interested, the origins go back to the Greeks when they celebrated the Mother of the Gods, Rhea. So now I feel even more important today to be acknowledged on the same level as the Gods.
It’s a really bizarre thing to now be on the receiving end of Mother’s Day. To me this day has always been about my mum and me telling her how much I love her. So to be thinking that my little girl is going to be saying that to me every year is totally surreal, but thrills me and melts my heart.
Before becoming a mum, I don’t think I really appreciated what being a mother truly involves and means. I just knew I loved my mum and that she was always there for me regardless of how far she had to drive, the time of night I tottered out of a party, the dodgy colours I dyed my hair, the sports matches in the rain, the 5am starts to muck out horses... I could go on and on and on and... When I think of the grey hairs I gave my mum... (sorry about the bleach and My Little Pony incident mum).
So what does mother’s day mean to me? It means I get to celebrate that I am a mum and celebrate my wonderful, gorgeous little girl. I am proud to be a mummy; I love being a mum; and I feel complete now that I am a mother.


  1. A life time of dodgy mothers day gifts and handmade cards with developing handwriting that brings a lump to your throat and you'll keep forever. -Enjoy

    1. Thank you - especially looking forward to all the handmade gifts too (collecting toilet roll tubes and yogurt pots in anticipation) :)


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