Monday, 15 June 2015

Pets Run This House (1)

I am a notorious flitter. Flitting from one project to the next, dipping in and out of new ideas and past inspirations, starting things, filing things, going back and almost finishing things... and as a result I have lots of lovely pieces of work that are not-really-quite-finished-but-really-ought-to-be!

Case in point, I have completed two children's picture books, but have another four substantially written and illustrated, but not finished, and another ten I have started but nowhere near complete. That's a lot of potential books. So I really need a creative, booky kick up the bottom.

So that's what I'm doing. I'm giving myself a kick(start). I'm going to post three mock-up (and remember these are mock up and not final illustrations) pages of one of these almost-but-not-really-finished books to see what you, my lovely bloggies, think. Should I finish? or should I file near the trash?

This book is called 'Pets Run this House' and is a series of limericks I have written about all the wonderful array of pets we keep, and starts with Max...

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