Sunday, 14 June 2015

My week...

Oh it feels so, so good to be back in to the swing of things again, with functioning technology and functioning creativity. Wow, putting the past few dog-eared weeks behind me, I'm back into the 'go-zone'.

So following a week of jamming a lot in, it looks like my business hat is going back on, with web presence and marketing material being worked on and a couple of client quotes out there, I may well be back to happy juggling of work, writing, parenting and blogging... just the way I like it. After all, it's all joined together by the common (and wonderful) them of creativeness.

So this week in creativeland, writerland, marketingland, blogland...

  • New logo branding for a preschool
  • Marketing consultancy and review for energy company
  • Absolutely no work on children or grown up books - that's hurting a bit
  • Glass painting (a window pane commission) - ridiculously therapeutic and turning out beautiful too, much to my surprise!
  • Lovely coverage in the Art Daily. Take a look >
  • Feeding my tamagotchi blog after a month of neglect! Read the full blog here >
  • Final photographic image from my Captivated v Captivity research. Eye know >
  • Down to toilet humour in my Baby Business blog. Poo hit me between the eyes >
  • There was murder in the chatroom. Start of short story >
  • I was inspired to doodle by pigs swill! Check out The Pig Idea >
  • Went mint green for #colour_collective. And I cheated a little bit... >
  • I did a doodle every day and started my very own made-up butterfly collection. Doodles ahead >
Favourite doodle this week?

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