Thursday, 13 August 2015

Baby Business: Week 34, food glorious food

Feeding myself snacks. Tick
Feeding myself my own bottle. Tick
Feeding myself my pureed food. No chance!

I’d like to open up a discussion with other mums out there on the diets of their little ones. What they eat and won’t eat? When they went on to solids, how that went and when they started having non-pureed food? What snacks do you give them? How often do you feed them? What you won’t feed them and why?

It’s not that I have any major concerns, but I am truly amazed by what Little One will eat and where her incessant appetite comes from, maybe it’s in her genes or maybe it’s her non-stop energy throughout the day (every day is a new adventure with missions to accomplish and toys to battle). 

Whatever the cause, I have to say that I love food times with Little One – and as far as I’m concerned, the messier the better (I have a dog to hoover up!).

So almost eight months old and (apart from eggs) nothing has got in the way of Little One’s discovery of food. She does make me chuckle though in what I think is a deliberately clever move; whenever you put the first spoonful of food up to her lips, she pulls a face of disgust, wrinkles her nose and looks like she’s going to spit her food out. This is the same for everything, even her favourites. I guess she thinks that if she acts like she doesn’t like it from the offset then I won’t make her eat it if she really doesn’t like it. Clever.

As you know, I have been having a ball cooking for Little One and now feel well placed to write my own recipe book entitled ‘Crazy Cooking by Mummy’! The way I see it is that I create, cook and eat some ‘unusual/experimental’ dishes and most of the time get the big thumbs up from my patient guinea pigs... ooops, I mean my guests! As such, Little One’s diet needs to be fully prepared for this, so here goes Amelia’s top 10 meals at the moment:
1.       Squishy Sweet Potato and Beef Casserole
2.       Mad Veg Medley Curry
3.       Banana Avocado Mish-Mash
4.       Posh Salmon Mousse Toast
5.       Gooey Creamy Pineapple Chicken
6.       Pea, Courgette, Apple, Mint and Garlic Crush
7.       Very Berry Yoghurt
8.       Pepper and Paprika Parsnips
9.       Zesty Cinnamon Apples and Pears
1.       Bread and butter!

The stocks in the freezer are now getting low, so on with my adventurous bambino-chef hat and here’s to the introduction of luscious liver casserole, herby spag bol, tangy orange fish hot-pot, chickeny bean jalfrezi, summer fruit jellies and very lemony sorbet. I can’t wait to crack open that food blender...

Anyway, any suggestions of good recipes and dishes then please let me know. I may be creative, but you can’t beat the tried and tested!.

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