Monday, 22 June 2015

There goes some more of that money-that-I-never-actually-saw-or-touched

Well that's a lovely new top purchased, love online shopping. Not really a second thought goes into clicking 'complete purchase', before you get a ring on the doorbell with an exciting parcel for you to open. How great is that: browse, click, get.

But maybe we should be stopping for a second or two and thinking about how and what we purchase. It seems that many of us don't bat an eyelid about thirty pounds here CLICK, fifteen pounds there CLICK and twenty-five pounds in the sale CLICK.

What if just a little of that money-that-I-never-actually-saw-or-touched could not only get me that fab new top, but actually make a difference somewhere, to someone? and what if I didn't have to even click a little box that I have to squint to see, and I didn't have to read something that guilts me into donating money? I just simply bought my fab top and that was that, someone somewhere was getting something they desperately need for survival, hope and health.

For the record, it shouldn't be all on the consumer. We are, after all, just meeting our own personal needs and in a climate where time is precious and purchasing made way-too-easy for us. Why should we do all the thinking. How about the manufacturers, retailers and service providers giving a bit more thought to making a difference and helping consumers make a difference? Profits are profits, but this is a world where the fat cat is just that, fat. Shedding a few 'pounds' really would not harm your 'bottom' line, but could really make a significant difference to others.

I recently discovered Faircloth & Supply through a magazine article. As a fashion retailer, for every item they sell they buy one uniform for a girl in Nepal, enabling that girl to attend school and receive an education to help to better her life and her future.

Nepal is just one country where women are mistreated and undervalued through historic cultural beliefs. With over 30 million girls not in school, Faircloth & Supply are supporting the work of the GHF (General Welfare Pratisthan) to empower women in Nepal and break the cycle of discrimination.

We in the western world take our education for granted far too much, often undervaluing it and even, in many parts, dismissing it as a waste of time. These girls in Nepal, these 30 million young girls, have no such luxury. Education is not just academic to girls Nepal, it is a life line to provide safety from trafficking and exploitation, to provide education on HIV and well-being, to help them out of poverty.

So that fab top I just bought could have bought one girl a uniform, kept her safe and helped her on a journey to better her life. CLICK.

Faircloth & Supply are not the only forward thinking and compassionate business, but they are a great example of the simplicity of the problem and the simplicity of the solution. There is, of course, way more complexities behind the scenes (loop holes, red tape, etc) but that's the point - it is behind the scenes. Consumers don't need to be bogged down with it, stressed by it, or put off by it. We see what we like, we like what we see and CLICK we have helped.

It is possible for all sides to benefit. Just takes a little thought, compassion and action.

Find out more about Faircloth & Supply and visit their online shop >

Read more about the work of the GWP >

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