Sunday, 21 December 2014

New challenges are great... I think!

So it turns out I do fall in to that category of 'people who see the dawn of a new year as a time to set new goals, reinvent a part of their life and aim to embrace more of each day'.

So why didn't I do all that this year, yesterday, last month, the other week, when I was 20 or 32 or...?

Who knows why I (and many many others of you) do this each year, but to not break with my own tradition I have set myself two new challenges for 2015. Both are creative ventures, to keep my mind as bright and colourful and questioning as possible (how can I write and illustrate confidently or capably if I don't?!).

The first I will be running through a new blog I am just setting up (more to follow 1st January 2015) and the second is a set of 12 new art assignments for me to complete (one a month).

All sounds quite straight-forward, I mean... I do actually have 48 hours in my day don't I? and I'm not trying to finish my third children's book before my 40th am I? and I haven't got to complete the research on my grown up book either do I?

Ummmmm, head back in the sand then!

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