Sunday, 2 November 2014

Does time or our surroundings change us more?

As part of the research for my new adult fiction book, I am asking the question ‘does time or our surroundings change us more?’. 

As we age and grow we change physically, emotionally and mentally, but change in our surroundings can impact our perceptions, our actions and our behaviour. So which is more influential? 

Our surroundings change as our personal situations change: we may marry, have children, buy a bigger house, we might move to another city or emigrate into another country and culture, and as this happens time keeps ticking on...

If you fancy contributing to my research - my curiosity hopes you do - then I’d like to know: 

What are the three biggest differences between 2014 you and 2004 you?

Short or long answers, weird or profound, obvious or surprising, linked to surroundings or time - interpret and answer in your own unique way. 

To take part, just jot down your answers and:
post on my blog
or email me

I’d like to publish your answers on my blog and if you have your own blog, FB, Twitter or website, then I am happy to link the post direct to you.

I look forward with interest to reading your answers and thank you for contributing to my research.

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