Thursday, 5 February 2015

Baby Business: Week 3, this new Baby world

Help Little-One put on weight. Tick (almost a lb since birth!)
Eat food whilst it is still hot. 1 out of 3... not bad!
Remember which day of the week it is. No chance!

Week three and I have already clocked up almost 100 hours of sleep since Little-One’s birth – Duracell Bunny eat your heart out! All I can say is ‘thank you’ to those many many many many sleepless nights throughout my pregnancy, without them I would have had to learn how to deal with being awake in the darkness of night and watching the black sky turn to light grey ... almost sounds poetic until you add in the bit about milk down the top, a bit of sick, a few smelly nappies and a complete sense of a ‘new type of dawn breaking’...
...welcome to the world of being a mummy!

This is one steep learning curve I can tell you and Little-One and I are learning about this new world together... luckily with mutual admiration and respect for each others’ daily achievements: Little-One mildly approving of my ability to now feed in public without exposing myself and me in awe at the amazing contortionist facial expressions my little girl can make. See, we are both quite content!

I am also pleased to report complete mastery of the buggy, car seat, bathing, feeding, nappy changing and trips to Starbucks, however there is still much room for improvement with regards to supermarket shopping. I haven’t even attempted to hit the high street yet and forget the much needed trip to the hairdressers – it is all about ‘baby steps’ and working out what works for us both (though I am quickly realising that it is really all about what suits Little-One... which is fine by me!).

You have to wonder though with this ‘back to basics’ approach that is forced on us new mums – how do you get your brain to function on non-baby related matters? This I am sure is a question that many new mums have pondered whilst staring goo-goo-eyed at their darling little bundles of joy. Maybe there is no need to know just yet how to get the old grey matter kick-started again and regain the ‘baby business’ balance... it is suffice to say that I am getting there. All I need to do now is work out how to get that sick stain out of my suit jacket...

Baby’s firsts:
Discovering the delights of battery operated swinging chairs and lullabies... not a peep out of her!

Business first:
Feature in the paper on award

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