Monday, 16 February 2015

My week...

I am in Limbo. Yes, that's the word. Limbo.

I am between my thirties and my forties (take the step into the latter this coming week); I am between finished books and submissions; I am between preliminary works and actually artworks; I am between winter and spring; I am between Mummy, provider, blogger, writer and general dogsboddy; I am between... I am just between.

But I feel like things are going to change. I enter a new decade, the bulbs and nesting birds are hinting that spring is about to be sprung, my canvases are sitting eagerly next to my paints and brushes, and my submissions are just waiting to be packaged and sent. So maybe limbo is not quite the word.

Limbo or limboless aside, this has been my week in blogland, writerland and creativeland...

  • I fight a light for baby's attention in my baby business blog. See what I mean >
  • I've completed my water lily prelims and sketches and am ready to put paint to canvas (and hopefully then ink to fabric)
  • I went powder blue for #colour_collective
  • I've been inspired by two wonderful and different art books: 'Scene Through Different Eyes' by Julie Dumbarton (stunning artist) and 'Stubbs and the Horse' by Malcolm Warner and Robin Blake (amazing equine eyes)
  • I did a whole host of doodles over on my I did a doodle today blog. I did a doodle today blog >

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