Sunday, 1 February 2015

My week...

Snow, sun, rain, sleet, snow, sun, ice, frost, sun, wind... whatever the weather, we carry on like true Brits! Head to foot in woolly hats and thick fleece clothes, we brace ourselves and head out in to the day (or night). But isn't is just lovely being wrapped up in the warmth of your house? A cheeky glass of something by the fire in the evening. Oh, maybe winter's not so bad.

True Brit again, discussing the weather! So what else has my week involved? Lots more fab creative hours spent in my peacock-feather-lined office, most of them productive, a few sneaked off to brew strong coffee and raid the biscuit jar. But all in all, another great week in blogland, writerland and creativeland...

  • Finally nailed down the page layouts for my current Children's book
  • First ticket purchased for Hay Literary Festival - off to listen to the fab Jacqueline Wilson
  • Top rated blog posts for January surprised me a little.  Maps and dodgy watercolours it seems >
  • Baby finally arrived in Baby Business Blog. Check out how I coped >
  • September sun revisited here >
  • Brilliant violet was the #colour_collective colour this week
  • Doodles-a-plenty over on my 'I did a doodle today' blog. Take a peek >

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