Saturday, 31 January 2015

and the top blogs posts for January 2015 are...

Well you think you know your audience, my fabulous followers of my blogs. You think you know which posts will tickle their fancies a little more than other posts, and then you look at the stats and things aren't exactly as you thought.

In fairness, I hope that all my posts are of interest to you, or at least mildly amusing enough to make you want to keep visiting my blogs. But, this month the two most popular posts from my blogs were:

Stories and Stuff Blog
Mapping out a map - the turns, junctions and alternative routes of a story >

I did a doodle today Blog
Self teaching myself watercolour pencils... with interesting outcomes! >

I look forward to seeing what February ranks as the most popular posts...

Thank you to everyone who visits my blogs and I always welcome feedback on what I post and things that you think I should post. Let me know.

Happy February.

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