Sunday, 11 January 2015

Baby Business: Week 39, Overcoming all the bump challenges

Ready to have a baby. Tick

Well, my little girl did not listen to her mum and she is still firmly ensconced in her warm secret world. I guess I should have known really, after all she is very like me... and there is absolutely no telling me what to do or when to do it!

This week’s blog is a little later than normal as I have (according to the midwives) gone in to the very early stages of labour. Hold on – don’t get too excited! This actually occurred on Sunday afternoon, and here I am on Tuesday with nothing much more happening and apparently this could go on for a good few days. Ho hum.

Pregnancy has been all about adapting to the daily demands of our bumps and each of us mums-to-be dealing with our individual challenges. We grow (literally and metaphorically) and develop a whole new world that is less about meals out, shopping for handbags and going out for drinks, and more about buggies, expandable waistbands, food cravings and blood tests. How things change so dramatically in such a short time.

The last 8 months have been challenging in so many ways. I have been changing - my body has sprouted outwards (lost sight of my feet a while ago now), I have not had an alcoholic drink since I found out and I have worried about my business whilst continuing the drive to grow it. The baby business challenge has been exactly that – a challenge, but not one that has been insurmountable. It has been one that I have taken on with great joy and devotion.

As everyone has been telling me all through the pregnancy, having a baby changes you and your life in ways “you cannot image”, but you know what? I have already been going through it and love how things have changed, and I cannot wait to experience and encounter what is to come. This Friday is meant to be ‘d-day’, so bring on my new life...

In the meantime, my mum and friends have got me on a great distraction – cooking! Ensuring I have plenty of food in the house for all the visitors. Priorities hey!

On the ‘to do’ list:

Have a baby!   

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