Thursday, 8 January 2015

Self Inflicted Creative Block

With a thousand ideas jamming up the tunnel in my head, my creative demon shouts out to stop. But quietly and persistently, with calm and enthusiasm, my creative angel urges me on. Do I stop or do I go on? Do I take a different turn or plough on head first?

I have hit creative block, or illustrator block to be more precise. I have put myself in a stupid cage of a (in hindsight) ridiculous time frame for completing my project and now I keep attacking it with near-on desperation. All my reason and process have quite frankly been tossed aside, discarded like unwanted wrapping paper after Christmas.

I AM one of the most organised people I know.
I AM capable of doing this.
I AM of sane mind.
I AM under no obligation to finish by my (blatantly preposterous) deadline.
I AM going to do something about this.

So that project now finds itself neatly obscured on my concepts shelf, tucked away between the-one-I-never-finished and the-one-I-am-too-scared-to-start. I have opened a new file, written down my new project title, concept and initial brain dumps and am happily going to walk away from my desk. My head is swimming, but not with manic demonic-angelic voices or irrational overload, but instead it's full of wondrous colours and characters that will again open up the creative, slighty bonkers, part of my brain.

Little additional note - I have also sent myself back to school with sketching tests... forgot how rusty I was! Check out the random attempts >

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