Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Baby Business: Week 41 and 2 days... Written by Bump

Finished growing. Tick
Learnt to suck my thumb. Tick
Got in some great kicks – thinking gymnastics! Tick
Ready to be born...?

Hi – bump here.

This week I have taken over as poor mummy is feeling a little fed up and uncomfortable, muttering something about ‘beached whales’ and ‘losing the will’.... not entirely sure what she means, but thought I would help her out and have a go at this blog thing.

All in all I have to say that this ‘creation’ malarkey has been great. I have spent the last 9 months in this wonderful squidgy floating bubble-thing, all warm and snug with very little to worry about apart from growing things. And I think I have been pretty good at it! I have grown all sorts of things - ears, a nose, some arms, hands and fingers and some legs feet and toes. I have worked out that the fingers are for sucking, the feet are for this great thing called ‘kicking’, and the ears have let me listen to my mummy (no idea what she’s on about most of the time, but she sounds kind of cool). However, I have absolutely no idea what this nose thing is for - I have tried sticking my fingers up it but this doesn’t seem to do anything.... oh well, maybe I will find out soon.

I also get to have lots of weird and wonderful new experiences every day. Dreamy warmth from sunshine, snuggling when it’s cold, splashing around in water, jumping about when mummy laughs and bouncing around on walks with mummy and Tiddler?... Tinker?... Timber?... the dog! Have not really taken to the ‘singing’ thing though – sorry mummy - but one of the best bits has been all the yummy food and so far I have liked just about everything, though I did get a bit fed up of all the scrambled eggs. And ‘oh my goodness’, what is that scrummy sweet caramelly nutty chocolaty thing? Heaven!!

There are still lot of things that I am learning about, which I guess is fair enough as I am only little. One thing I don’t understand is what ‘bed time’ is? I have worked out that it is something to do with sleeping which is great as I am really good at this, taking little naps here and there when I feel like it. But I think I must be missing something as mummy seems to moan about not getting enough sleep at bed time... she goes on about kicking, big bellies and toilets. Really not sure what this is all about so I don’t think I’ll worry about bed times – I’ll just stick to my napping as and when I feel like it. I’m sure mummy won’t mind...

So you see, everything has been pretty good over the last 9 months, but I now get the feeling that something new and big is meant to happen. I really don’t know what this is as my lovely mummy has made me so comfortable and happy here that surely there is no rush to change anything... though I have to say that, well, as nice as it is in here, and it is very nice, I have spent 9 months with my mummy, but I haven’t seen what she looks like... and I really want to try one of those ‘cuddle’ things that she has told me so much about.

Maybe it is time to change things...

...“Mummy, is it time?”

On the ‘to do’ list:
Meet my mummy!      

Think Mummy may be trying to tell me something!

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