Thursday, 29 January 2015

Baby Business: Week 2, Baby and me

Master nappy changing. Tick
Function on two hours sleep. Tick
Learn to be a good mummy. Showing great potential!

Is this really only the second week of being an actual mummy? Not even a fortnight since baby arrived in to the world? Only 10 days since my last Snickers bar and the last day of ‘bump’?

I am not going to gush on about how my heart is over-powered with unconditional love; how I have to pinch myself every time I look at my little bundle of gorgeousness; how I spend every waking second staring in awe at this beautiful baby that has come from me... nope, I am not going to go on about all that... not even a little bit... promise... but ... well... she really is gorgeous and I really cannot believe it and I really do waste away the days looking at every little part of her!

Her day of arrival was certainly one to remember. After coming in to the world in just 1 hour 17 minutes (why hang about!) baby and I got to celebrate further when later that evening my business won ‘New Business of the Year’ at the District Business Awards. Just a few days shy of the company’s first birthday this was a great gift and reassurance that maybe I was doing something right with the ‘baby business’ balance.

However, as I look in to those big blue-maybe-grey-slightly-flecked-brown eyes I get a sense of enormity that all new mothers will understand – the enormity that this is reality, not a bump that gives you a great reason to eat lots and put your feet up, but an actual new era of your life that is completely and utterly about your new baby and the acceptance that life will now revolve entirely around her. And you know what? That is absolutely fine with me.

By the way, it is absolutely true that following a night of sleep feed nappy change sleep feed nappy change sleep feed nappy change (you get the picture), it takes at least two hours to get up in the morning, another couple of hours until you can finish getting dressed and have breakfast (forget hot drinks!), a quick session of chores before spending two hours feeding, changing nappies and feeding again. Then it is time for a quick wash, online grocery shop and 4pm lunch... and so it goes on!

Would I change it? Absolutely not!

Baby’s firsts:
The big wide world!

Business first:

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