Thursday, 15 January 2015

Baby Business: Week 40 and 3 days... Bump still here!

Still ready to have a baby! Tick

When I started this column it was all about the bewilderment of adjusting to a new life, balancing the changes pregnancy brings with the growth and obsession I have with my business. Several months on and the column has evolved to address all these concerns and excitement, but it has also taken on a growing focus on bump's arrival and the complete shift that has occurred in my life as a result.

With d-day's arrival and passing and my bump still growing, I now find myself mildly restless and (it takes a lot to type this bit) experiencing a lack of control!!! Ahhhhhhggg.... I am officially in foreign territory!

You don't get told too much about this part of pregnancy - there tends to be a focus on how we mums-to-be should relish this time away from work and get lots of rest and put our feet up... conserve our energies as we will need them. That's all very well, but what are we meant to do whilst we have our feet up? Jeremy Kyle seriously distresses me and there are only so many cookery and house hunting programs I can endure. I have read magazines, books and even the terms and conditions of my new indemnity policy... now what?

In my case? Focus on work! Whilst full term pregnant mums around me are twitching and counting the hours of the day, I am back in work mode - much to the bemusement of my clients! This is where the baby-business balance works a treat. I am doing as I am told and putting my feet up, but I have my laptop balanced on bump and am able to keep working on a few projects.

I am also still getting out and about (in small doses) and spent d-day in the supermarket, yesterday out for lunch and today walking the dog in the forest - all first class venues for birth! I have to tell you, people's faces are a picture when they ask "when are you due" and you respond "yesterday"! Cruel, but I love the fleeting look of panic on their faces as they work out how quickly they can get away from the lady-about-to-give-birth!

All that said, I am absolutely beside myself with excitement - when oh when will my little girl come out to meet me? 

On the ‘to do’ list:
Have a baby!  

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