Sunday, 18 January 2015

My week...

Jam-packed week and highly productive on the work front... well, in my head I think that is the case. Of course, what goes on in my head does not always translate to the outside world, but as long I can continue being merrily disillusioned then hopefully everything will keep ticking along nicely.
So worky stuff and what else this week?

Finished Alison Moore's He Wants and Started Sandy Hall's A Little Something Different

  • Book three taking real shape and form - got my creative juices flowing and next week sees the illustration style nailed down.
  • Creative challenge two - 12 creative projects in 12 months - saw ink nudes as challenge one. Loved doing these simple vibrant ladies and now just need to get the final (selected) two framed. Inky Nudes >
  • Busy on my blogs:
  1. Rock n Roll photo State-side Check out the giant guitar >
  2. Overdue in Baby Business blog Bump still here >
  3. I joined up for the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch You could join too >
  4. Logo designs Travel Co and Club >
  5. I did a lot of doodles from hidden peas to Fairy fashion Take a peek >

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