Sunday, 25 January 2015

My week...

Bonkers. Totally and utterly bonkers. Yup, me.

I am currently propping myself up on my desk, squinting at the monitor and only really seeing blur through the steam of my near-nuclear-strength coffee. I am tired. Dog tired. Actually more tired than my dog.

I forget that I no longer possess superpowers (never actually did, but liked to think I was super sonic through my twenties and...) and I try to take on way too much at the same time. Maybe I am bored? Whatever, I need to stop and just focus on one or two or (at a push) three things at a time and not try to reinvent life on a timeframe.

All that said, I have actually had a fab week... just need another week to sleep and all will be well again. So my week in blogland, writerland and creativeland...

  • Overdue, so guest writer in Baby Business blog. Read what 'bump' wrote >
  • A very short whodunnit. It really is very short, see >
  • Page design and layouts nailed down for children's picture book three
  • Seriously cool logo design
  • A budding map idea (and good map quiz). Take the quiz >
  • Interesting plays with cover design ideas. Feathers >
  • I did a doodle today and everyday last week, including
    • dodgy fist attempt at watercolour pencils
    • fab fun with a doodle app
    • prelims for a new painting
    • cute baby characters

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