Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A deserted photo

A month in the States last year (part of my research for 'George') saw me revisit a place that had inspired me almost a decade earlier - Joshua Tree National Park.

After the excitement of being in 'Roadrunner and Coyote' land (yes I saw both and have almost got over the surprise at how small Roadrunners are), I became captivated with the stark dry allure of the landscape, the scattered giant boulders and the peculiar beauty of the Joshua Trees themselves. The very large detour to revisit this place was worth every long dusty mile that we drove.

The desert is still: the Joshua Tree stands guard, the boulders stand strong and nature protects.
Joshua Tree National Park, California April 2013


  1. I love the photo of the Joshua tree! Have just looked up a roadrunner on google - so cute! sheila xxx

  2. Thank you - the photo really reflects my feelings about the Joshua Tree National Park and the Joshua Tree itself


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