Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Baby Business: Week 29, Sugar and spice and all things nice

Training booked. Tick
Copywriting for new client launch material. Tick
New Intranet site tested for client. Tick
Nursery curtains being made (thanks Mum x). Tick

I don’t know what your thought are on this, but I have always wanted to know the sex of my baby and not because (as most of my friends and family think) I am a total control freak that has to have the nursery decorated and colour-coordinated outfits lined up in the wardrobe with the relevant pink or blue bunny painted on the front...

I wanted to know for the pure and simple reason that I have a little person growing inside of me and this little person is already having a major and overwhelming impact on my life, my future and every fibre of my being (and I am not exaggerating). I want to talk to her as well as give her a name and some sort of identity - no more 'it' from people in reference to a currently genderless baby-to-be, but a 'she' in relation to my little girl.

Wow. My little girl. Takes my breath away already.

I know not everyone shares my views about finding out the gender before birth - boy do I know! People have not been shy in expressing their views and opinions on the subject. From people I know to strangers in the supermarket, this is a subject that everyone seems to have an opinion about... The nurse taking my bloods was flabbergasted, "but where will the surprise be at the birth?" Errrrr, maybe a baby popping out of me? Besides, it can only go one of two ways!

My opinion - and I will share this with everyone (and have each time I am yet again being near scolded for my decision) - you do what you want to do! It’s not rocket science, but apparently out there with the likes of 'cloning' and 'genetic engineering'! Never really thought I was that controversial....

When I did find out that my bump was a little princess in waiting (of course!) everything suddenly turned pink. It’s not that I have anything against pink – I love pink, but there are a host of other colours out there... Working in a creative profession I am usually very imaginative, so when I set off to buy that special first item for my little girl what did I get? Pink tie-backs for the nursery! I know – pink! And why oh why did I buy tie-backs? Another symptom of pregnancy that you have to stay humorous about - lack of logical thought or reason!
On the ‘to do’ list:
Find mums-to-be swimming and yoga classes.
Apologise to my Mum for telling a waiter my chosen baby name and not her...
Buy even larger maternity jeans – have to cut out those Snickers!
Get up-to-date on the book keeping.

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