Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Baby Business: Week 28, warning from bump

Client award entries written. Tick
Three new websites launched. Tick
New mobile campaign kicked off. Tick
Nursery curtain samples ordered. Tick

It always makes me chuckle when little children get overwrought from tiredness ... screaming and stomping. They point blank refuse to admit they are tired despite almost toppling over with tiredness ... my beautiful niece Katie Sue is very good at this (just like her Aunty V was!). I think the famed expression is 'over tired'. Well, it's official - bumps get this too and so do the mums-to-be! 

This week’s mission was to get the nursery-to-be cleared out ready for the decorator coming next week. Shouldn’t have been a major issue except for the fact the room has been a ("ah-hem") storage room for the last two years. It is amazing what you find stored under the guise of 'that will be useful one day' ... half a wardrobe? Really?

I moved the treasures-slash-junk and of course delegated all the heavy lifting and opted for folding curtains and blankets. Unfortunately, I had already spent the previous two days dashing around between meetings and working in the evenings on proposals and somewhere along the line I forgot to take a few minutes out to put my feet up and rest (my now enlarged) ankles... not quite baby-business balance!

As a self-titled superwomen (ha ha) I have always thought I am invincible, taking on anything and permanently on the go. No more - bump fights back! My little girl has literally put me in my place in the guise of jelly-legs, dizziness and a good kicking from within (may I introduce the new David Beckhamess to be).

I now find myself horizontal on the sofa with strict instruction not to move and to 'take it easy'. Don't get me wrong, I am all for a bit of self indulgence and pampering, with food (snickers!) and drink being brought to me, but it is not what I am used to (not being in control!), so it takes something pretty darn special to actually make me admit defeat and accept I am not 'all powerful'. That something? The very special swelling around my midriff... my gorgeous bump.

I am learning - there is nothing wrong for mums-to-be to take some time out for themselves. More importantly, we need to make the most of having the luxury of putting our feet up, because when little one arrives I have been well and truly assured that this is not an option. So I need to remember to take 5 minutes out to put my feet up, and do you know what? Shockingly, the world does not stop revolving... well there you go!

On the ‘to do’ list:
Get expandable baby-bump seatbelt.
Check out the gadget reviews on baby video monitors.
Ask friends if I really need a baby nasal aspirator?!
Order materials for next month’s business exhibition.

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