Friday, 10 October 2014

Baby Business: Week 27, Bump Abroad

VAT return complete. Tick
Client  website development started. Tick
Upgrades to computer software. Tick
Paint colours picked for nursery. Tick

It’s not that I am a complete workaholic (I hear you sniggering friends), but I tend to find that a holiday is something that my body tells me I need, rather than something I excitedly plan months in advance. I usually get to the point that my head shouts ‘have a break, it’s time to re-charge the batteries’. I expect there are others of you like this, but probably most of you are thinking I am a bit odd... who wouldn’t want a holiday?! But remember, my life up until now has revolved around my original baby, my career.

Anyway, after much deliberation (a full two hours!) I came to the conclusion that a break would be a good thing and that this would actually be the very last time I would get a holiday that would centre totally around my needs... after that it will be baby first all the way (so let me be self-indulgent one last time!).

Quick search on (fab for last minute deals) and I’d booked a real bargain – 5 star the lot – leaving a week later. So here I find myself, horizontal on a sun lounger by a pool straight out of a magazine and peering over my sun-lotioned baby bump at the aqua blue waters of the ocean just metres away... why did I not think of this before!

Doh, my Snickers has melted...

It may be the scene of tranquillity now, but only after a marginally stressful start... How is it that I can easily make huge decisions about advertising campaigns and business marketing strategies for clients, but the minute I pack my suitcase ‘baby brain’ kicks in? Three times I left the house and three times I returned: 1) two miles down the road, “passport”; 2) end of drive, “I didn’t lock the back door”; and 3) at the motorway junction, “suitcase” – I had actually left it in the hall by the front door!

Finally on route to good old Gatwick and I get a text from my friend wishing me a lovely holiday ‘and isn’t it lucky I got this in whilst I am still allowed to fly’...  Yikes! How many weeks am I? When can I fly till? Seriously, we mums-to-be should be given a proper manual for all things related to pregnancy. We can’t be expected to know everything – for some of us this is our first time you know!

‘6 months’ is vaguely ringing a bell in the back of my mind... did I read that somewhere or was it on EastEnders? Ummmmmmm...

“Congratulations”, the lovely check in girl says, “how many weeks are you”?

“24”! (Shhhhhhhhhh, just in case.)

PS to mums-to-be: everyone loves a ‘bump’ abroad. Endless fussing and cooing.... imagine what they will be like with a real baby! So far I have had free sweets with my drinks (“for the bambino”), free ice cream after meals (“a treat for baby”) and, the best one, a free ‘Walt Disney’ non-alcoholic cocktail (“so baby doesn’t miss out”). I of course have been enjoying all these treats on behalf of my bump!

On the ‘to do’ list:
Confirm next midwife appointment.
Book tour of maternity unit.
Wean ‘bump’ off Snickers bars.
Prepare for London client pitches for next week.

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