Thursday, 2 July 2015

Baby Business: Week 24, growth spurt number 154

Peeled, chopped and cooked endless fruits and vegetables. Tick
Pureed, divided into baby potions and frozen the endless fruit and vegetables. Tick
Been easier to just buy baby food. Tick
Would I have done it differently? Of course not!

“Whhooooaaa... she’s huge!”

Not quite the reaction I’d been looking for when I took Little One out of her buggy in front of family I hadn’t seen since Christmas. The thing is, they are right.

For the record, my precious little girl is not overweight, she is just exceptionally tall. Little One is now more than a third of my height, and I am 5 foot 9. Great if she wants to do the pole vault, be a basketball player or keep giraffes... or be a super-model! However, right now it means that my (ahem) little five month old girl is wearing 9 to 12 month clothes, she has outgrown her car seat and I am looking at the 1 year clothes that have been put away and wondering if I can get a refund on them?

It is a good thing that business is also growing as I will have to raid the old piggy banks again.
What’s more, as she has these continuous growth spurts (and they are continuous) the Milk Monster goes in to full force. And now we have also been joined by the Grub Guzzler, who wolfs down pureed fruit and veg at the rate of knots... apart from the bits smeared round the face, across sleeves and ‘raspberry-spayed’ over Mummy!

Does height matter? I have had this conversation many times during my life, as I was a very tall child and seemed to awkwardly tower above most of my friends. But I love my height and I think that with her larger than life personality and zest for adventure, my (not so) little girl will make the most of her height and stand proud in life. Plus I already have some beautiful dresses put away for her and I look forward to the day we can swap shoes. 

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