Thursday, 16 July 2015

Baby Business: Week 26, did someone eat the Easter Bunny?

Been a ‘lady wot lunches’ lots this week. Tick
Been a ‘lady wot squeals’ lots this week. Tick
Been a ‘lady wot bangs toys’ lots this week. Tick
Been a ‘lady wot sleeps’ lots this week. Tick

Obviously this year brings a whole host of ‘firsts’ as this is Little One’s first year, so welcome to Little One’s first Easter, as described by Little One herself:

My Easter

Here comes Mummy. “Shplurrrr ga ga ga eeeeeeEEEEEE” [Hello Mummy].

Big cuddles and quick nappy change, a few wriggles and kicks, one raspberry and a lot of chat and we are good to go. Apparently something called the Easter Bunny has been...

I have a pretty flowery dress on and we are off to that church building we passed on our walk yesterday. Some strange but nice music is coming from inside and lots and lots of people keep coming up to me and saying hello and wiggling my cheeks. Oi, less of the ‘chubby cheeks’ thank you very much!

There’s this friendly looking man standing at the front with his arms stretched out talking to us... best say hello, but I’ll have to shout as we are sitting quite far back – “YEEEEEEOOOOOGA GAG A SHPLUUUUUUUUURRRRR”. Ooooo it’s all gone quiet, but I have got the attention of that nice man. I want to keep chatting to him but something has sneaked up on me... can’t stop it... “BURRRRRRRRP”. Oops everyone’s looking at me now, but it’s ok as mummy is laughing lots... 

Back home and play time, but hold on, what’s this? A pile of funny shaped things from that Easter Bunny. It’s all covered in pretty paper ... oooo what fun, paper to crunch!

Mummy and Granny look very excited. Maybe I should join in... “goo gee gee shplurrrrr eeeEEEE ga ga ga”. Yeah, this is fun! Mummy is taking that lovely crunchy paper off and... hold on Mummy... what are you doing.... don’t throw the paper away... I want it to crunch... “AAAAAAAEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRGGGHHHH”!

Ok. All calm again now. I have my paper and have now realised that behind the paper are some really fun things too, all from that Easter Bunny. I now have these funny plastic egg things that break and squeak when I grab and push them and a crocodile that whizzes across the floor... wayhay!

I am liking this Easter Bunny. He seems to have delivered a load more boxes for me with round shaped things covered in shiny colourful paper... however, mummy keeps sneaking these off saying ‘thank you Easter Bunny’ and then going ‘yum yum yum’... has Mummy just eaten the Easter Bunny?

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