Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Windows of transition: day to night, summer to winter

The past few days I have been doing doodles on my doodle blog (have you taken a peek? >) following inspiration from the beauty that comes from Church and Cathedral stained Glass Windows. Works of art, they are now, more and more, taking on modern twists, commissioned artists working their storytelling magic into the images and colours and use of light that each window holds.

Years ago I visited Moreton Church in Dorset and was mesmerised and transported by the eerily beautiful windows that had been installed, using simplicity and calm through single white etchings to capture the devastation and impacts of the World Wars. So moving, so thought provoking.

So I've been inspired to create my own little set of four windows to depict the transition of day to night, summer to winter. My aim is simplicity, using colour and shapes to illustrate transition, and then (if they were real windows) the movement of the natural light through the pains would bring them to life, literally moving the transition between the windows.

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