Thursday, 23 July 2015

Baby Business: Week 28, rock and roll (over!)

Went to a Royal Wedding party. Tick
Put on my best party dress. Tick
Watched the service with fascination. Tick
Decided to become a princess when I grow up. Tick

Ah the end of that wonderful run of Bank Holidays (complete with fabulous sunshine). It is now back to reality and in a big way for me.

Having slowly ‘drifted’ back in to work, dipping my toe slightly in to the marketing waters, I gave myself till May before knuckling down and picking up the work-pace... yikes, May is here! And to make matters harder, I have just had loads of extra days with just me and Little One and I don’t want them to stop.

A number of weeks back I wrote about the difficulties of going back to work – no one doubts how hard it is, but having gone back already (very part time) I have managed to achieve a lovely balanced pattern. But it is no longer enough, I need to crank up the work, especially now Little One has already started to outgrow 9-12 month clothes so another new wardrobe beckons.

It is all part of this amazing rollercoaster of a ride that motherhood is. Typically people have used this expression to depict the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of becoming a mother, but in my case there are absolutely no ‘downs’. I use the phrase ‘rollercoaster ride’ to emphasise the excitement, the thrills, the twists and the turns of being a mummy. No day is the same and just as you think you are on one track, Little One goes and puts a whole new stance on things - we are now very ‘rock and roll’...

Rock: sitting and swaying, side-to-side, back-and-forth, balancing then ‘whoooops’, up we get!

Roll: from back to tummy, ‘eeeeek’ how do I get back? Oh, that’s how... no stopping me now!

Rock and Roll: I have a xylophone, I have a tambourine, I have drums, I make NOISE!

Life is certainly never dull, and as I am lucky enough to work from home I have no doubt that I will hear ‘band practice’ from my office.

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