Thursday, 5 March 2015

Baby Business: Week 7, Santa or Scrooge?

Christmas tree up. Tick
Survived Christmas shopping with baby. Tick
Christmas presents wrapped. No chance!

I love Christmas and all that goes with it, from the decorations plastered everywhere to the cheesy Christmas tunes playing in every shop. I get completely in to the spirit of things. So it is no surprise that this Christmas is going to be the most special one yet... my little girl’s first Christmas. The only problem is that she (at 8 weeks) will be completely oblivious to it, other than the sparkling lights on the tree of course!

This brings me to that age old dilemma I understand many very new parents have: do you bother with presents? I mean, she really isn’t going to know and what’s more she has just had a huge amount of gorgeous gifts following her birth. Having spoken to my family it seemed that the general consensus was much the same, with offers of ‘a little something’ to put under the tree. So do you think we are all ‘Bah Humbug’?

Well don’t... Grandpa has already called to say he has wrapped all of Little One’s presents (all!); Granny has just bought another ‘little something’ she couldn’t resist for her new granddaughter; and Nanny and Granddad have just got back from Harrods... something tells me Little One is going to do very well this Christmas!

And me? Well, one trip to Bluewater later and the car boot is packed with toys and several (couldn’t resist) outfits for my little girl. Oh, come on. It is Christmas.

As for that tradition of hanging out a stocking for Santa – will I be bothering for my 8 week old? Of course! And what’s more, Little One WILL be leaving Santa a mince pie, a very large glass of sherry and a Bonio for the Timba the red-nose labradeer.

PS. As we are getting in to the Christmas spirit, I have a confession to make... for those friends and family who asked me what Little One wants for Christmas, I have to admit that she didn’t really ask for the new Jamie Oliver book or the Take That CD or the latest series of Desperate Housewives on DVD...

Baby’s firsts:
Exposure to CBeebies courtesy of her new best friends, Maddie (3), Lily (2) and Evie (1)... oh shades of things to come! Igle Piggle and Ninky what???!!!

Business first:
First set of Christmas ecards for clients... more to come. Ho ho ho

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