Sunday, 29 March 2015

my week...

What a week. Busy preparing for Easter holidays, lots of fun planning to have fun. Daily doodles continue and the odd tweet and blog comment to those I follow. Then, when I was just minding my own business tootling along, my blog visitations goes up by a zillion percent (my maths isn't good enough to work out the exact increase, but it was a case of "Whoa, what's going on"!).

Wow, thank you for all those fab new visitors. I am putting it down to a post I made on my Stories and Stuff blog on Monday 23rd March, titled 'The five books I have never read' as part of #IHaveNeverRead. Read the blog here >

I really enjoyed writing that post as it was almost like a confessional. It was also a realisation that I can just stop going on about 'what I haven't done' and just 'get on and do it'. So I have. Books ordered and on their way.

So what about the rest of my week in blogland, writerland and creativeland...

My favourite doodle this week:

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