Sunday, 1 March 2015

My week...

Another week, another Sunday and another Monday dawning. Now I am a 'glass half full' kinda gal, so I am saying all that with a smile and anticipation for what the week ahead will bring.

A lot (as always) has happened this week, but next week sees me quietly stepping away from my children's books and back to my grown up books. My head is whirring with excitement as I have been away from these stories for too long and I cannot wait to open up my work-in-progress and reread the opening chapters (trying not to cringe too much at the crudeness of the writing at this stage!). I am also starting a new short story for a writing competition, one that will be (I hope) quite emotional. All in all, a busy and exciting week (weeks) ahead.

My week in blogland, writerland and creativeland...

My favourite doodles this week:

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