Thursday, 14 May 2015

Baby Business: Week 18, First things first

Continued to widen my vocabulary with squeals to add to the ‘goos’, ‘gahs’ and ‘do-doos’. Tick
Continued to learn new moves, including the 180 degree wiggle. Tick
Continued to improve my sleeping at night. No chance!

This week has been a triumph for Little One, who has notched up a number of ‘firsts’. No more ‘baby steps’, it’s best foot forward now...

Little One’s Weekly Diary
Monday: My first tooth has come through. It hurt, but now I get to suck on my whole fist and drool loads down my pretty dresses... the washing is mounting up that little bit quicker than normal!
Tuesday: I waved at Mummy today when she went off for a meeting. Well, I know it was a wave and Mummy knew it was a wave, but I guess others may think I was just stretching my fingers.
Wednesday: I have always known that Timba the dog is around, but to be honest he is just not colourful enough to get my attention, or spotty enough like my giant black and white Dalmatian toy. Anyway, today I decided that maybe I should acknowledge him, after all he is always giving me kisses and helping me chew on my toys. That is why I tried to stroke him for the first time... he was very hairy!
Thursday: Mummy finally noticed that I have got too big for my pram – I think it was the foot resting out the end that did it! So we went out for the first time in my buggy, and the best bit? I got to see lots and lots of things that I couldn’t before (all I saw from my pram was the sky, tree tops and Mummy’s nutty grinning).
Friday: Zzzzzzzzz... sleepy day. Well, I have been busy so far this week!
Saturday: Mummy and I went away and I got to sleep in my brand new rainforest jungle travel cot for the first time (complete with flying parrot, monkey and frog... bet you didn’t know that frogs could fly). In fact, I enjoyed the flying creatures so much that I had to wake up every two hours to check they were still there and share my discovery (every time!) with Mummy.

A little note from Mummy: “I am really looking forward to one ‘first’ in particular from Little One... the first time my gorgeous little girl sleeps through the night!

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