Sunday, 3 May 2015

My week(s)...

Two weeks later and we are in to the month of May. When did that happen? Sunshine, wind, rain and a bit of snow makes for an interesting turn from April to May.

So what's been going on in creativeland, writerland and blogland the past two weeks?

  • Spring break to the North Welsh coast blew away the cobwebs and blew in creativity and inspiration in abundance
  • A new car has got me excited too, especially now my Little Girl has named it Ellie
  • A poorly dog (my dear old boy) is in hospital, which has distracted me the past 48 hours
  • I have actually ventured in to YA writing and started a short novel. The concept is consuming me, but I need to do some research to sharpen up the plot
  • I have also dusted off two children's picture books that I had put to one side. Time to wave my illustrative magic wand and bring them back to life
  • Baby Business Blog saw the power of the Baby Whisperer . Take a look (quietly) >
  • I discovered the amazing works of Ernst Haeckel. Art forms in nature >
  • I took a look at the world through animal eyes. Monkey mind >
  • It was World Book Night (did you get involved?), so I wrote a piece of flash fictions. I started with an A >
  • I did a doodle today and everyday. From crabs to sea squirts >
  • Ickle Monday x2 covered ickle welsh dragons and ickle writing/drawing tools.
  • #Colour_Collective covered Alizarin Crimson (radishes) and Lilac (water lily studies)
My favourite doodles of last week and the week before:



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