Sunday, 10 May 2015

My week...

Been a week of dashing around and achieving very little on the creative front - too many chores around car mechanics and poorly (but on the mend) dog.

However, my mind is full of all things, ermmmmmmm, can't give plot away, ermmmmmm YA book. This involves nothing but research at the moment - I love research, as I learn such amazing things. This is slightly more complex research than I have done for a while, and with every nit of required info I discover, there are four additional things I need to research to get 100% of the picture and the facts. It seems a bit never-ending at the moment, but I am all fired up to crack on again next week and absorb some more juicy bits of knowledge. Nice to be pushing the old grey matter that bit further...

So this week in creativeland, writerland and blogland has been a bit limited, but still fun of course:

  • A royalty of Princesses, including this week's #Colour_Collective, Lemon yellow. Take a curtsey this way >
  • Nice coverage in the Art Daily
  • Redundant lighthouse photograph got me thinking. When the light goes off >
  • Waterbaby stars in this week's Baby Business blog. Take a splash >
  • I did a doodle everyday, including ink colour bursts and some Ickle Monday labrador expressions. Have a ganders >
  • Oh, and I got to cuddle a baby Meerkat and tickle a Boa Constrictor's tummy!

My favourite doodle this week?

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