Thursday, 28 May 2015

Baby Business: Week 20, how funny are frilly knickers?!

Outgrown my carry cot. Tick

Outgrown play mat. Tick

Outgrown my car seat. Almost!

Outgrown Mummy's bank balance. Definitely!


This week has been full of chuckles, giggles and raspberry-blowing sniggers. But I do wonder what goes through our little ones' heads to make them find random things hysterically funny?

This week Little One has been shaking with laughter and loud chuckles over an array of randomness:

• Licks from Timba the dog
• Frilly knickers 
• Flowery summer shorts
• Flying through the air
• Raspberries from herself and others
• Jiggling panda toy

If you could bottle this innocent, joyous humour and understand how to make us (rather boring in comparison) adults see things through our babies' eyes, then you would be a millionaire.

Little One's laugh triggers so much within me: love, positivity, inspiration, pride and adoration, to mention a few. I actually found last week one of my most productive weeks on a work front in a long time  when I got stuck for inspiration it took just one wave of those frilly knickers and my little girl's chuckles filled the house and my thoughts... marketing magic. Maybe I should get her 'chuckle' insured!

I have to take my hat off to the creators of children's programs,how do they know what will make the little kiddies laugh. I mean, who'd have thought that Peppa Pig would be such a hit? And as for Makka Pakka...

Well, it doesn't matter what it is that makes things so funny to our babies, it just makes us happy that they are so happy. Simple.

PS. Dream Feeding is the best! 12 or 13 hours uninterruptedsleep every night since the last blog


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