Thursday, 9 April 2015

Baby Business: Week 14, snuffles, snot and snuggles

Attended our first baby club. Tick
Met lots of lovely babies and mummies. Tick
Slept through almost the entire session. Tick (Little One not me)

You know the saying, ‘it never rains but it pours’? Welcome to my very soggy week...

At the grand old age of three months, Little One has started teething. I am all for having an advanced child - she’s been able to hold her head up since birth, she is already feeding herself and I am sure she said the dog’s name the other day - but when it comes to growing up, I don’t want that to happen too soon. Teeth? That’s the first step away from being a baby.

Alongside the early teething, she developed a skin irritation on her neck which became inflamed and very sore. Then the following day, a huge amount of snot arrived in the guise of a cold. Sore + snotty = soggy baby.

Nothing for it, Mummy’s TLC was not going to be enough this time, so off to the pharmacist we went. After expert advice and recommendations, we walked out with granules, gels, two types of cream and bear-shaped refrigerator teething rings (?) ... oh, and a lighter purse.

We also left with the following warning from the pharmacist: “One of the creams contains a trace of paraffin, so we recommend you do not light a cigarette next to your child or put a lit candle next to her.” Wow, thank goodness she pointed that out, as I was all set for a candlelit evening in Little One’s nursery with a fine old Cuban cigar...!

So it is with one very soggy little girl that I now have a whole new set of rituals a day: additional bathing, creams twice a day, gel four times a day, granules when cheeks are red, protective cream before each feed... just as well all Little One wants to do is sleep at the moment as I am exhausted!

The lotions and potions are all very well and are working well in their individual ways, but the one medicine that works every time is ‘snuggles with Mummy’, something I don’t need a pharmacist to prescribe. 

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