Sunday, 12 April 2015

My week(s)...

Sorry, but I completely forgot to do a weekly round up last week. Blogland, writerland and creativeland took a little holiday. Not entirely off-the-job, but more immersed in all things family and all things Easter.

Time out is good, reflection enabling inspiration, ideas and excitement to drip back in to tired grey matter. Refreshing and enlightening, I am back with a zillion whizzy sparks shooting around my head. Can't wait to get them down on paper (computer) and share them with you all.

So, with several story ideas, quite a few opinions about things that have fallen in my line of site, and some ideas of others that have got me thinking, I am raring to start a new week. Bring on Monday.

Today, I reflect quietly on what has been going on in blogland, writerland and creativeland the past two weeks...

  • American dreaming with photographic memories from Malibu and San Francisco.Take a look >
  • Busy with that old Baby Business:
  • The most popular blog posts for March where:
  • Finished reading Gone Girl and The Bees. Wow, bith excellent reads and especially enjoyed The Bees as it is so unusual. I now have a yearning to learn more about Bees...
  • Daily doodling has gone all over the place:
    • i scream
    • shape sheep
    • character creations
    • chocolate
    • Cinderella's shoe
    • IckleMonday has seen teeny tiny eggs and teeny tiny flowers
  • I've let my daughter lose on Adobe Illustrator and then turned two of her 'creations' in to new creations. Got one more to transform.


My favourite Doodle last week and this week?



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