Sunday, 19 April 2015

My week...

Hot cold hot cold, and that's just my temperature, let alone the weather. Battling a bit if a cold/temperature has made parts of this week a struggle, but I've still managed to achieve quite a bit (less than I hoped, but more than I realised).

So with school places given out, unpleasant texts (people should be less cowardly and just pick up the phone) and vets visits aside, it's been a eclectic week in blogland, writerland and creativeland...

  • New concept-storming for books. Have an urge to dip my toe in the YA pool, but a little nervous that forty-year-old-me is a bit out of touch... Only one way to find out!
  • Started (and can't put down) The Martian by Andy Weir
  • Also started dipping in to Aesop's Fables (as per my blog post for #IHaveNeverRead) The Five Books I've Never Read >
  • Marked the 70th anniversary of the courageous and beautiful soul Anne Frank #NotSilent Remembering the courage and inspiration of Anne Frank >
  • Finished off a little work project that is set to raise some good funds for charities
  • Got my head around Captivity v Captivate. Take a look >
  • Pondering solids in Baby Business blog. Have a read >
  • Doodled everyday: biking, nail biting, goat stew and more... Have a doodle over to the blog >
My favourite doodle this week was for the #Colour_Collective, Cobalt Turquoise:

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