Thursday, 30 April 2015

Baby Business: Week 16, the baby whisperer

Little One discovered twins. Tick
Little One studied this new phenomenon intently. Tick
Little One completely understood the concept. Ummm, not if the constant ‘double-takes’ were anything to go by!

In business the right ‘tone of voice’ is vital, not only when talking to clients, but in the communications we write and produce. Change the tone of a communication and you will completely change the message and the way it is perceived. The right communication will make a successful campaign; the wrong ‘tone’ will create completely the wrong impression.
And of course communication is all important for our babies too...
At three months, Little One merrily chats away to me, telling me just what is going through her head (apparently a lot of ‘goo’ ... goo goo goo!). I always listen carefully and try to respond in the right manner, but if I get too excited at the wrong moment she gets quite annoyed, actually frowning and grunting as if to say, “you’re not taking this seriously enough mummy”!
When I chat to Little One I have to admit that I have turned in to the cliché comedy sketch... cooing, gooing and clucking with the best of them: “Who’s a clever-wever girl then? And who’s the most boootiful girl in the world?”.
However, I am always careful to use the right tone of voice at the right time and it is with great pride and a melting heart that I got to see how this has rubbed off on my little girl. If she wakes in the night and needs her nappy changing, I do it under a dimmed light and only whisper a few soothing words so as to keep her in ‘sleep mode’. This week Little One has woken three times in the night for a nappy change and instead of her normal excitable chattering, each time I laid her on the changing mat she looked straight at me and actually whispered. A fluke? Maybe, but she did it on all three nights!
But the ultimate heart melting moment came last night. As my sleepy little girl was drifting off I whispered “I love you”, to which she smiled and said “yiy glub goo goo” [Translation: I love you too!].

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