Thursday, 16 April 2015

Baby Business: Week 15, food glorious food

Been forgiven by Little One after second set of jabs. Just about.
Survived the ongoing teething. Tick (thanks to Nelsons Granules)
Maintained a smooth sleep pattern following jabs and teething. No chance!

I am all for eating sensibly, but I have never been one to check everything re salts, fats, sugars, carbs, e-numbers... I don’t go crazy, but cakes and pork pies have never been taboo in my house. So I now find myself in yet more uncharted territories with the potential approach of solids in to Little One’s diet - can I puree the lasagne? With recent media coverage hinting that we should be getting our babies on to solids much earlier, I have started the debate, even though I’ve only just mastered the move to formula... was that three or four scoops?
The introduction of formula was one of much contemplation, mainly in the baby aisle at the supermarket reading every bit of text on all the different formula brands, and there are quite a few. Forty minutes later (the ice cream in my trolley had started to defrost) I trotted to the check out with ‘hungry baby’ formula – obvious answer for the milk monster! So how am I ever going to decide between all the baby foods out there, or will I be disciplined enough to make everything myself?
The thought of introducing solids is opening up a whole new debate amongst my friends and family: “I started mine at about 2 months and it was the best thing I ever did”; “you should wait till at least 6 months, why put extra pressure on yourself now”; “she seems happy enough – she’ll let you know when she wants more substance”; “Let’s see - shall I give her some of my gravy to try?”; “I don’t know, do what you think is best”...
Would love to know when you mums out there started your little ones on solids and what advice you’d give.
One thing that does go through my mind is the change to our nearly perfected evenings. Right now the dog’s tea is at 5.30pm (Bakers Complete); Little One’s tea is at 6pm (milk milk and milk); and then it’s time for me to cook (whatever I have the energy to rustle up). These three meals work just fine at the moment, so how will solids for Little One impact on this carefully timed routine? Just think, an extra hour needed to clean the high chair, the floor (well the dog will do that) and Little One, as I just know she’s going to think smearing food all over her head is far more fun than eating it...!

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