Friday, 10 April 2015

Golden (Gateway) Memories

Some places make such a surprising impact on you that they linger on, long after you have left them and long before you may ever return to them. Places that you know will impress, places that are famed for their notoriety, places that are known before you get there. So to still be surprised by the unexpected is indeed a surprise.

And that was what happened in San Francisco. I was surprised. I knew I would love it, I knew it would excite and captivate me, I knew I would feast out every night on seafood and local chef's culinary delights, I knew I would go from A-to-Z and up hill and down hill on foot, rail, wheel and water, but I never expected to want to stay. To stay and be apart of it. To feel genuinely sad to be torn from the constant movement, constant buzz, constant throbbing pulse of this city. I didn't want to cross the Golden Gates.

The Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco, 2013

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