Monday, 13 April 2015


With many words evoking similar yet contrasting feelings and thoughts, I have been looking in to how animals in captivity captivate us as people.

Definition: the situation in which an animal is kept somewhere and is not allowed to leave

Definition: to hold the attention of someone/thing by being extremely interesting, exciting, pleasant, or attractive

So an animal that is trapped against their will is something that people find extremely interesting or exciting. Now that does not paint us in the best light. But it is a basic truth. 

In a number of circumstances there are positive reasons for the captivation, reasons that strive towards a greater goal for these animals. We can learn so much from animals in captivity and in many cases these animals are the chosen members of their species to facilitate research to prevent endangerment, eradicate disease, rebuild habitats, etc. They also raise awareness to 'Joe Public' of their existence, the threats to their existence and ways we can make a difference.

By captivating us they are helping their species towards freedom, survival and development.

We can strive to make a difference and support the proper programs that help animals, and we can make a difference by supporting those organisations that aim to stamp out cruelty and wrongful animal captivity. People are the captors, but people can provide the freedom.

Monkey Feet. Captivity.
April 2015

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